Orion Food Vina understands that, behind the success and development of the company, human resources are invaluable assets. Therefore, Orion Vietnam always pays special attention to building and developing talent seeds for the company. Orion aims to long-term development and nurture the success of employees at the company.




"Within our company, we refer to this as 'Only Orion'  Both ideas & acotions must be distinctive".

Mr. Tam Chul Kon

CEO Orion Group Orion Food Vina

On our way to global business moving ahead, human resources plays important role on our strategy. Orion Food Vina always puts great effort into making differences in order to create variety of values. We believe talent resource is the key value for sustainable development in the future".

Mr. Kim Jong Joon

HR Director Orion Food Vina

No one asks and teaches how I'm terribly sad when I see ugly broken display of Orion Choco Pie in the store. No one requests and trains how I'm extremely happy when I see marvelous display of Orion Choco Pie in the store. Orion Choco Pie is our pride and we are able to have a dignity through our sincere working in Orion. As long as we try to get a pride and a dignity, we are winners with Orion. As long as we do 'Never Give Up', we are the champion in our life with Orion as well. Orion Food Vina, Never Give Up!!!"

Mr. Won Sang Jun

Head of Global Business Team Orion Food Vina

Orion Research Center is striving to develop products that can be loved by the whole family, such as ChocoPie and Rice Cracker An, as well as by Vietnamese consumers and everyone around the world.
Hundreds of thousands of tests and constant efforts to make the best taste and texture and improvement are done with pleasure. Please enjoy it as much as you want. Just Enjoy Orion Products."

Mr. Moon Young Bok

R&D Director Orion Food Vina

We always believe that a good Marketer must clearly understand the product and actively listen to consumers. Orion is not only an environment for you to be creative, but also a second home for you to learn and be mature at work.

Mr. Jeong Jong Yeon

Marketing Director Orion Food Vina