R&D Specialist (Confectionery)

Alternate Text Ho Chi Minh
05/07/2024 - 31/07/2024
Alternate Text Full-time

Mô tả công việc

A/ Develop New Product:

1) Do Market survey, Customers Survey (OMT, CLT, FGD), check Product quality in shelf-life period (in Market condition, in extreme condition),... work with MKT and Managers to build up new ideas and direction prototype. Cooperate with MKT team to evaluate Prototype sample quality and set up next plan. Discuss with MKT, Production, COO to approve Product factory quality.

2) Work on Lab to set up Prototype products. Set up final recipe and calculate Ingredients cost, product cost

3) Make product Label with QA, FQS

4) Estimate Production process, production parameter and capacity. Work with another department (Marketing, Production, Engineer, Purchase) to set up the plan for Trial test in factory and launching time.

5) Do trial test product in factory. Do final Customer survey with factory product to check Customer opinions.

6) Training and transfer Product Standard to production team

B/ Research and Improve Product quality:

1) Find out issue to improve (Material, Machine, Process…)

2) Work on Lab to check effect of improve material

3) Discuss with Manager to evaluate improved sample quality and set up next plan (improve more or do customer survey)

4) Test new ingredient into product in factory or Test to improve process

5) Make proposal to approve New ingredient, modified process for product and send to related team

6) Update Product Standard process, ingredient list for Production team

7) Check New ingredient quality & product quality periodically after apply new ingredient, modified process to make sure product quality stable

C/ Duplicate raw material & sub-material:

1) Searching new supplier, depend on quality and cost

2) Duplicate raw material, parallel supplier to cost down

D/ Other tasks:

1) Prepare the new raw material documents, send to QA department and related department

2) Make the packaging inscription, send to QA department and MKT department

3) Understand about Food law and update new Food law

4) Double check the label together with QA, MKT team

5) To conduct literature search independently, analyse information, summarise findings and recommend next steps with guidance.

6) Do other jobs follow manager request

Yêu cầu công việc

- Have 1 year of experience working in similar role in Food Company.

- Experience in Lab technical, Good sensory evaluation

- Relevant degree from recognized tertiary institution majoring in Food Science and Chemical Engineering

- Computer skills: Excel, Power Point, Word proficiently

- Responsibility and flexible

- Careful, self-motivated

- Ability to work under pressure

- Good communication skills